“Animated” - 1 minute, 5 seconds.

Using Photoshop, I animated directly on select frames of a short digital video. Animations & Video All work featured on this site is the property of CD Illustrations Ltd. and cannot be copied without permission. © CD Illustrations Ltd. 2009. These are some of my first attempts into animation and experimental film. Enjoy! “Mind’s Eye” - 3 minutes.

This is a short, experimental film exploring several ideas. The first being the idea of creating a lot of meaning with only a little footage. The second being the idea of what is seen by the subconscious during a person’s dreams. The third being the idea of the ‘Male Gaze’. And the fourth and final idea being the idea of the braided narrative; can meaning simply be created by combining two independent and seemingly unlike narratives into one? “Falling Man” - 26 seconds.

This short clip is a fun experiment using an Alpha Mask overlaid on digital video. I also played around with movement a little bit for fun.