The Object of CD Illustrations Ltd.
My name is Curtis Dopson and I was born in July of 1986. From a young age, drawing was my passion and pastime. However, I did not truly discover art until I began taking classes at the Art Institute of Boston. Art within comic books, graphic novels, and children's stories caught my particular interest. Artists such as Will Eisner, Mike Mignola, Jason Armstrong, Paul Azaceta, Jason Shawn Alexander, Alex Ross, Tim Sale, Darwyn Cooke, and Dave Stewart have inspired and influenced my work. 

As an artist, my desire is to create art, but more importantly, good art. As an illustrator, my desire is to create art that can tell a story. I hope that my work might cause my viewers to lose themselves in their own imaginations as the narrative in my work takes them to worlds beyond the mundane and everyday. As you browse my site and my work, I hope that my desire is true for you. Enjoy! 


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